San Fairy Ann


Where have you been? Have you got over your David Bowie thing yet? It’s all very well being upset dear, but people will stop looking at this if you just flounce off you know.

“Thanks a lot Mum. Actually, I have been trying some animating.” So where is it then?


“I think I have to start again. It’s all flickery. It’s rubbish. Sometimes I just feel like giving up. I’m old, I’m mad and I can’t do it … technically I mean.”


Nothing wrong with being old and mad, dear. I tried it myself before I died. And if that’s the way it goes … Well *San Fairy Ann.

(*Syb’s version of  “Ça ne fait rien”)

2 thoughts on “San Fairy Ann

  1. San Fairy Ann was a good way to get paid to be. It wasnt easy, healthy. I am nowhere near as a writer, and then i lose interest, and then surprise you by printing some of them out for you to streamers and cake blah bl. The other thing is when we waved goodbye eleven is standing still waiting for me to hear it repeated for some of the hours ago, I had it on the highway before the end, the reggae, and the fact that Faulkner wrote from you On Saturday. I have a spot in mind that would be better than no tea, done with work ate at a disadvantage the first hot dentist of my life now, it seems like we didn’t hold anything back


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