Inktober52: Prompt 4 – Snake

plasticine heads and shadow puppet of snake

“And the latest prompt for Inktober52 is … “Snake”.

“Syb has portrayed it in shadow puppet form. That’s a lovely snake’s head there, Syb. Although I think you cheated with the forked tongue. I mean, you used a prop.”

I do not cheat. “No Mum. Sorry.”

Inktober 52 Prompt: Shadow

2 plasticine heads and shadow play creature

“Inktober 52’s new weekly prompt is out. It’s “Shadow”.

“I couldn’t resist ¬†getting ¬†Syb to join in with a bit of shadow-play. But I plan to make a drawing for the prompt and am thinking of adding shadow to my line drawing for “Flight”. Mainly because I don’t know how to! Wish me luck.”