Syb’s Ghost Story


I was going to bed on the first night in the new house. Of course I was on my own because your father had died a long time before that. All of a sudden, I sensed a presence near my bed. Cold, just cold … and I knew it was a ghost.  

“What did you do?”

I said… I don’t know who you are but I don’t want you here. Go away. 

“Did it?”


The Argument Draws An Audience

I’ve got the tea… perhaps I should magic up a biscuit as well.   


“Now you’re being silly, Mum.” Oh…silly, am I?  “You’re just trying to put the wind up me.”  What do you mean “put the wind up you”?   Sshhh… Mum!”  Don’t you “Sshhh” me. You always were a bit above yourself, Missy.

Mum, stop it. People are staring.”


Tea Causes Argument

“I’m sorry, Mum. You can’t drink a cup of tea. You’re dead.”


I like a cup of tea. I’ve always liked a cup of tea. And I want one now. And if I’m dead, I can jolly well do what I want.  “No, you can’t.”  Yes, I can.  “Prove it.”  Prove what?  

That you can do anything you want now you’re dead. Go on… Make a cup of tea.”