The Potion

The sixth prompt for the Folktaleweek 2022 challenge was “Potion”.

So my story continued with – “The Fool gathered up bits of his beloved tree and pounded them in a mortar. The courtiers – now their own characters without their costumes – watched. Then the Fool gave his instructions and handed out the potion.”

Music: The Medieval Banquet by Shane Ivers –

Late 2022: Fool

I like doing Instagram challenges. It stretches me. Making me try new things technically and invent plots and characters. Though the challenges that I take part in are usually childrens book illustration challenges, nobody seems to mind.

An Instagram challenge that takes place around November each year is the Folktale Week challenge . It is a series of seven prompt words, one for each day of the challenge week, intended to conjure up folktale related images. I try to stitch them together into a story.

Last November the first prompt was Fool.