Talking Points: Hair

I’m sure that there are plenty of things that Syb and I will be talking about. My hair, for one thing. How lucky I am to have my father’s hair, so thick and curly. But perhaps I should get it cut properly. And use my father’s favourite hair product – Vaseline.


Recap: A Beginner Lip-Syncs

This is the hat that I decide to talk about.


I have to learn to record some dialogue to insert into the animation sequence. First – find my microphone. Next – record the dialogue, get some sound-editing software, convert the file, import the sound into the animation setup and finally … practice making my mouth move.

It took a while.

Recap: How this started

So with this learning project of stop-motion animation, I decide I need to learn the lip-sync thing… which means trying claymation. And so I make this head which seems to be “Me”.       Er… younger. Because I am quite old.

2015-07-24 And I decide to tell a story about what happened when I wore my new hat.     Yes… that’s it.   The Hat.

Syb & Me

… So let me explain that  “Syb & Me” is where I talk with my long-dead mother. Or to myself. Or to you. Or to…. anyone really.


These are clay-mated talks …. because I am teaching myself “stop motion animation”. Anyway, here we both are. I am the one on the right … of course.