The Simple Things in Life

Pbreak (16)

“Enough is enough, Mum. Beards, moustaches … I don’t need this at the moment. I feel like taking a break.” A break, dear?

Pbreak (18)

“Yes. Stop hurting my head with these daft conversations. I’m just going to go off and pull some weeds or make some crumpets or something.” That sounds nice, dear. And I really do understand. But I don’t think you can just go and leave me here you know.

Pbreak (23)

Oh, well, if you really must … then I wouldn’t say no to a couple of those crumpets.

The Look: Inappropriate Beards

PBeard (8)

“That’s enough, Mum. At my age I have enough whiskers of my own without you adding Dad’s beard.” I didn’t do anything dear.

PBeard (5)

“You did. I know you. You always get me just where you want me.” Oh … how can you say such a thing to your poor old mother.

PBeard (2)

Anyway … where have I got you?    “Confused.”