All Change (The Cartoon)


Is that your cartoon?  “Yes, Mum.”  About time too … Is anybody going to watch it, though?

All Change from Mrs D on Vimeo….  In which I explain to my dead mother that I am switching from stop-motion models to drawn animation and she explains that I must have a cat in a cartoon. Or visuals to that effect…

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So come on then, where’s this cartoon you’re so secretive about?

“It’s coming, Mum…. I promise…. Next post.”

All Made Up


“Of course you’re in the cartoon, Mum.”


Well I thought you wouldn’t leave me out. After all, this project is called “Syb & Me” … and I’m the Syb. 

“Yes, Mum.”


… and then there’s the cat of course.


Maternal Advice


I mean, you didn’t have many boyfriends did you dear. I think you could have made a bit more of yourself with your clothes. Always black. Always dressed in black. Black this… Black that. You should wear brighter colours, I think.


“I’m wearing an orange jumper.”


Yes. But that’s just plasticine, isn’t it.