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After Inktober


“I enjoyed all that drawing for Inktober. I really did. But what do I do now?”

You said you were going to draw us. Like in the cartoons.

“Oh Blimey. I did, didn’t I.”

The Limiting Nature Of Advice

2016-07-25 (1)

I don’t understand why you just can’t get on with it? Make a film, I mean. 

2016-07-25 (2)

It’s easy peasy. You could make one about a …

2016-07-25 (3)

… a CAT. See. There’s a good idea. Everyone likes cats. 

All you’ve got to do is think up the story  and make the film 

2016-07-25 (4)

The Audience Interacts

“Do you think the man knows about his Inner Father?”  How would I know? You’d have to ask him. “Supposing they don’t know about their Inner Mothers and Fathers… but the Inner Parents know about each other, they look as if they do.”


 Gordon Bennett. What are you talking about now?  I just don’t understand you sometimes. I don’t, really.  

“I know… You used to tell me that quite often.”