Still On Pause

wire and plasticine puppets

So have you been filming your Angry Old Woman, dear?   “No, Mum. I’ve been drawing an animation for a LoopdeLoop challenge. The theme of this one is “Fear”.

two head and shoulder plasticine puppets

Fear? Well that’s typical of you dear, I must say. Who in their right mind would want to make a cartoon about fear? … Apart from you of course.

two plasticine heads

The Audience Interacts

“Do you think the man knows about his Inner Father?”  How would I know? You’d have to ask him. “Supposing they don’t know about their Inner Mothers and Fathers… but the Inner Parents know about each other, they look as if they do.”


 Gordon Bennett. What are you talking about now?  I just don’t understand you sometimes. I don’t, really.  

“I know… You used to tell me that quite often.”


Tea Causes Argument

“I’m sorry, Mum. You can’t drink a cup of tea. You’re dead.”


I like a cup of tea. I’ve always liked a cup of tea. And I want one now. And if I’m dead, I can jolly well do what I want.  “No, you can’t.”  Yes, I can.  “Prove it.”  Prove what?  “That you can do anything you want now you’re dead. Go on… Make a cup of tea.”