Month: February 2016

The Look: Inappropriate Beards

PBeard (8)

“That’s enough, Mum. At my age I have enough whiskers of my own without you adding Dad’s beard.” I didn’t do anything dear.

PBeard (5)

“You did. I know you. You always get me just where you want me.” Oh … how can you say such a thing to your poor old mother.

PBeard (2)

Anyway … where have I got you?    “Confused.”

The Look: Hats


We used to make our own hats … your Aunty and I … back in the 1920s when we were young. You bought your own felt shape, steamed it to fit, put on the trim and …




People used to say I looked like Gloria Swanson … which I did, if I do say so myself.